Paratransit Rider Polices

Be Ready for the Vehicle

This is a shared ride, public transportation service, not a taxi service. Due to uncontrollable circumstances, North East Transit (NET) may arrive earlier or later than your scheduled pick-up time. Please be ready 15 minutes prior to your scheduled pick-up time and allow for pick-up 15 minutes after your scheduled pick-up time.

Safety and Courtesy

NET reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who is discourteous or who may endanger his/her safety orthe safety of the driver and other passengers.

Smoking is not allowed in the vehicle.

Use Seat Belts

All passengers are required to use the seat belts provided on the NET paratransit vehicles. Please ask the driver for assistance, if needed. Wheelchair securements must be performed by the driver only.


Medical attendants or aides can accompany a person free of charge. Special trips for he attendants alone will not be made.

ID Card

You must carry your North East Transportation ID Card at all times while riding the vehicle. You must show your ID Card to the driver if asked.

Curb‑to‑Curb Services

NET paratransit services are “curb‑to‑curb.” At the Company’s discretion, upon request, “door‑to‑door” service can be accommodated, only if the access is clear of any vehicles, snow, ice, or other debris. All ramps must be flat and built to proper building code specifications. Assistance will be provided to passengers boarding and deboarding vehicles if needed. Under no circumstances are drivers permitted to enter clients’ homes or other buildings.

Trip Changes

Trips changes or requests for service cannot be made with the driver. All trip requests or changes must be made by calling the dispatcher. Same day changes are NOT allowed.


Trip cancellations must be phoned in to the dispatcher as far in advance as possible. An uncancelled trip is considered a no-show. Persons with four or more no-shows may be suspended from service.

Shopping Bags

Shoppers should transport shopping bags so they can be safely stowed on the vehicle, under their seat, and one and off loading does not take an unreasonable amount of time. No more than 5 bags are allowed.

Inclement Weather

For weather-related service cancellations, the transit operator will alert riders via the following media outlets:


  • WATR 1302
  • WMMM 1470

  • WFSB Channel 3
  • WVIT Channel 30
  • WTNH Channel 8

Additional Information

For additional information, please reference North East Transportation’s official page.